Microscopic magic™ for your gut.

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9 carefully selected bacterial strains with science-backed health benefits
1 advanced prebiotic
100% of your required daily Vitamin D (vegan)
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The science

Science is the force underlying everything we do. Take 2 minutes to learn about the incredible ecosystem that is you.

Discover the microscopic magic

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Digestive system has improved so much plus I now feel full of energy throughout the day! No afternoon slumps!

- Eric

Innate Co touches on my fundamental needs of being healthy and staying curiously educated! I love the brand, its values and the community they’re building.

- Nina

When I take Daily Synbiotic, I feel like I’m just smooth sailing. I noticed many improvements in my body, ranging from my gut, brain, skin and my mental health too! I feel much better overall

- Tope

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We want to have a positive impact on human and planetary health

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